Representative McKenzie Cantrell

To reach Representative Cantrell during the legislative session

Legislative line to leave messages 1-800-372-7181

District 38 Resident Survey

  • To confirm you are a District 38 resident. The street number is not needed.
  • Rep. Cantrell stood up for working people and middle class families by voting no on the Right-to Work bill and legislation to repeal the prevailing wage. Do you agree these are bills that hurt our families?
  • The legislature is debating both medical use and legal use of marijuana as it has been seen in other states where legal use has lowered incidents of painkiller abuse and opioid overdoses. Do you support:
  • Republicans tried to pass a law that would strip the Attorney General’s powers. Our founders created the Attorney General as a public watchdog. Should we drastically change his or her authority?
  • Republicans refused to support an increase in the training stipend for police and firefighters in the 2017 session, an issue Rep. Cantrell fully supported. Do you support increasing funding for training for our first responders?
  • Rep. Cantrell sponsored a bill that would allow local governments to set a minimum wage in their jurisdiction. This would allow Louisville to raise the minimum wage within Louisville/Jefferson County. Do you support this effort to increase the local minimum wage?
  • The General Assembly nearly passed a bill to require local schools to enroll students in the school closest to them, which would negatively impact our South End schools with overcrowding. Do you support this bill?
  • Legislation filed this year would have abolished the death penalty in Kentucky. Do you support the death penalty?
  • What is the most important issue for you or your family in 2017?
  • What other concerns do you have that you would like Representative Cantrell to know about?
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